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An Overview of the All-New Neptune Underwater MP3 Player

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An Overview of the All-New Neptune Underwater MP3 Player

Studies have shown that athletic performance is directly correlated to the music we listen to, which means that running or biking to our favorite songs not only adds to our enjoyment of our workouts, but makes them much more effective as well. In fact, research shows that music both distracts us from workout fatigue AND reduces the amount of energy expenditure as well. Unfortunately,  enjoying music and podcasts has been limited to land-bound athletes, making it nearly impossible for swimmers to train to anything but the sound of splashing….up until recently, that is. The Finis Neptune underwater MP3 Player -  an upgraded, next-generation version of the SwiMP3 – uses cutting edge technology to completely transform the way you train in the water. The Neptune’s features, including bone conduction technology, integrated display, increased memory, and iTunes compatibility, is frankly unlike anything we’ve seen in a long time. Interested? Read on!


How it Works

The Neptune MP3 is comprised of three key pieces, including two hydrodynamic side speakers that sit on your cheekbones and an OLED display screen that rests on the back of your head. What’s with the cheekbones, you ask? Interestingly enough, in addition to vibrations through our ear drums, humans are actually able to detect sound through our bones (similar to the way marine mammals communicate).  The Neptune MP3’s Bone Conduction audio transfers sound vibrations from your cheekbones to your inner ear, creating a unique listening experience – music will sound as if it’s playing in your head! Even better, the award-winning design of Neptune’s speakers means no uncomfortable ear buds, and with your ears “free”, you can still hear what’s going on around you. Brilliant, right?

Impressive Features

iTunes Compatibility – One of our favorite features of the Neptune MP3 Player is its ability to upload iTunes music in the same way you would use an ipod. If you’ve already used the SwiMP3, the Neptune’s file transfer is new and improved, making uploading easier and faster than ever. Simply use the accompanying charging cable to quickly upload your favorite playlists, and you’re good to go. The Neptune plays AAC, MP3 and WMA files, so you don’t have to limit your downloads to one certain format.

Large Memory – The Neptune MP3 Player features 4GB storage, which means it will hold up to 1000 songs. That translates to 60 hours of playback!

Integrated Display – OLED display makes access to your favorite music, podcasts, and even audiobooks easy! We like the no-fuss system, which allows you to simply reach behind to adjust your volume or switch songs.

Award-Winning Design – We aren’t the only ones impressed with the Neptune MP3’s cutting-edge technology. It’s already won a highly coveted 2013 “red dot award for product design.


We are so excited to feature this great new tool for our water athletes.  Available May 21, 2013 for $159.99 @ http://www.clevertraining.com/p-8239-finis-neptune-mp3-player.aspx


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