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3DRobotics IRIS+ Multicopter Drone 915Mhz Designed for Photo and Video Cameras


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3DRobotics IRIS+ Multicopter

The 3DR IRIS+ multicopter is your guide to the skies: all you need to get started taking photos and shooting video from unbelievable new viewpoints.

Powered by 3DR’s world renowned autopilot, IRIS+ is a robot that will automatically fly itself wherever you tell it to go, while keeping a camera steady with two-axis gimbal stabilization.

Inside the IRIS+ box is everything you need to fly. Just attach the propellers, charge the battery, and will be ready to fly manually using the controller or use the advanced 3PV Follow Me mode that makes IRIS+ into a personal hands-free camera crew. Plus the tablet-based software makes flight planning this simple: If you can draw it, you can fly it. With a Mac, PC, or an Android device.


  • Payload capacity 400 grams (0.8 lbs.)
  • 16-22 minutes flight time (varies with payload, wind conditions, altitude, temperature, humidity, flying style, and pilot skill.)
  • Integrated LEDs on all arms for trouble-free directional awareness
  • Remote controller with on-screen telemetry for instant data as you fly
  • Screw on, self-tightening propellers for easy assembly


Follow Me - 3DR’s 3rd Person View (3PV) Follow Me technology makes your IRIS+ into a personal hands-free aerial camera crew that stars own adventure. IRIS + can be easily setup to follow any GPS enabled Android device. Not only will IRIS+follow you, but this advanced technology controls the gimbal to keep the camera centered on you, capturing sweeping cinematic video from a perspective unlike any other.

Automatic Mission Planning - Using the free DroidPlanner app, IRIS+ users can plan flights just by drawing a flight plan on any Android tablet or phone. This gives you the freedom of hands-free flight control, your drone will go where you tell it to go, with virtually unlimited waypoints. You can even keep IRIS+ pointing to the same location via a Region of Interest (ROI) waypoint throughout the entire flight. This enables fun independent journeys, and automatically stabilized video capture that would be impossible to capture otherwise.

Flight Protection - The IRIS+ can land by itself automatically, or be set to return to a home point if it runs out of battery or travels out of range.

What’s in the box:

  • Ready-to-fly IRIS+ quadcopter
  • Flight battery and charger
  • Set of four tall legs
  • Tool kit
  • Controller and ground station radio
  • Operation Manual and Flight Checklist
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