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4iiii V100 Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor


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4iiii V100 Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor

Viiiiva is a Heart Rate Monitor that connects your full suite of ANT+ sensors to your iPhone*, with no awkward adapters and also works with your ANT+ watch or computer (Garmin, Timex, adidas). The Liiiink Connectivity Module inside your Viiiiva turns your iPhone into a cycling computer or running monitor; delivering all your ANT+ data seamlessly and in real time using the free 4iiii App or any of the popular fitness Apps. Liiiink also makes it easy to change your Sportiiiis settings from your iPhone. (Sportiiiis heads-up display system is another 4iiii Innovation available separately). Liiiink is an exclusive 4iiii Innovations feature and only available with Viiiiva.


  • Accurate Heart Rate measurement on your iPhone* without awkward adapters
  • Works with your ANT+ displays such as Garmin, Adidas and Timex

  • See all of your ANT+ sensors (Foot Pod, Bike Speed/Cadence, Power) in real time on your iPhone with free 4iiii App or Popular iOS fitness Apps

  • Add Sportiiiis head-up performance coach for visual and audio cues to keep you motivated and on target

  • Gateway for your iPhone to change Sportiiiis settings

  • Extend iPhone battery life with TipTap - tap Viiiiva to wake up your display as needed

  • Runs on a coin cell battery for over a year lifetime
  • Compatible with *iPhone 4S/5, iPod touch 5th gen

There are many great heart rate monitors on the market. Should you go with the 4iiii Viiiiva?

*Chart credit to DCRainmaker

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