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The Best Triathlon Blogs for Triathletes at Any Level

The Best Triathlon Blogs for Triathletes at Any Level
Erin Rose

With over a million blog posts per day, it’s never difficult to find blogs on virtually every topic—the problem is finding attention-grabbers that educate and captivate readers on a consistently updated basis. One of our main focuses at Clever Training is to provide the newest and most valuable information that empowers you to own both your sport and your health, and part of that educational process includes directing you to industry wizards who enjoy sharing their expertise and personal experiences. With triathletes comprising such a significant portion of our fan base, along with many of our own team members and ambassadors dedicated to the sport, we thought it only essential to share our favorite triathlon blogs that inform and motivate at each performance and/or interest level.

Beginner-Level Triathlon Blogs—If you’re just getting started, there’s no better triathlon blog to follow than one written straight from a professional triathlete who knows what it takes to get that good. Why not start off on the right foot by following a pro like Cody Beals, whose career highlights include over 10 top five Ironman placements?  Perhaps it’s his go-getting attitude (he graduated top of his class at Queen’s University) and physics background that produces such informative, helpful blog posts. Unlike many triathlon bloggers, this 2012 Ontario Age-Group Athlete of the Year is as humble as they come; his openness with the trials and tribulations he’s encountered along the way makes his blogs a fantastic motivational resource for any triathlete just starting out…and beyond. Beals will take you along in his quests for the best-performing training tools and provides invaluable triathlon training tips, detailing in words, photos, and graphic visuals his training setups and distributions, advice on beating boredom, nutritional choices, etc., all in a down-to-earth, often humoristic voice. Be sure to follow this 27-year-old’s journey as you embark on your own.— She’s a bit of a departure from young Pro Triathlete and blogger Cody Beals, but 50-something Hilary JM Topper—a self-ascribed gym failure who didn’t discover the joys of running until her late 40s—is no less motivating. This Public Relations CEO loves blogging and triathlons so much that she writes several of them, including one of our favorite pics for beginning triathletes. Topper’s true blogging talents lie in keeping it real, with triathlon blogs such as “Beginner Triathlon Training: I Signed Up for a Triathlon, Now What?” and occasional features on other folks who began their triathlon endeavors later in life. Topper also has show on BlogTalk Radio, where she interviews expert triathletes and discusses everything from massage therapy and food supplements to improving performance and the finding best training tools. Speaking of training tools, don’t miss her Tech News Now blog , where she frequently includes fitness technology in her bi-monthly reviews. 

Intermediate-Level Triathlon Blogs—This online magazine features a melange of great reads (and quite an abundance of nice action shots, we might add) that cover everything from unique and exotic race recaps to training strategies, features on faraway training spots, product reviews, industry news, and even a comprehensive U.S.-based race calendar. Rife with information and great photos to keep you informed and inspired (and dreaming of tropical race destinations)—if this is the only blog you follow, you will not run out of amazing stuff to read.—A USA Triathlon and USA Cycling certified Elite-level coach, Joe Friel has been training endurance athletes for over 35 years, and fortunately for us, this TrainingPeaks founder enjoys blogging about his invaluable training tips, which he bases on the latest science data along with his own extensive coaching experience. The prolific fitness book author uses his blog as a springboard for his up-and-coming books, so his followers are the first to know his thoughts before they go to publication. Friel provides a wealth of information in his blogs that you’ll find not just educational but incredibly motivating as you push toward more advanced levels in your training.

Advanced-Level Triathlon Blogs—known for its enlightening, entertaining podcasts filled with rich humor and unparalleled authenticity, TRS Triathlon is a great go-to for the more seasoned triathlete seeking to submerge him/herself in sport-focused talk and entertainment. The highly uncensored podcasts (warning: if the occasional and sometimes more frequent F-bomb sends you spinning, this might not be a good match) features professional triathletes, cyclists, and other industry experts who share their personal experiences within the sport and even deliberate on current events such as gun control, the doping culture, etc. TRS Triathlon is run by a team of colorful folks including former pros, Ironman freaks, working professionals like you who just happen to live and breath triathlon culture, industry writers, and even a neuroscientist whose focus includes mindful training. Download a podcast or two the next time you get a chance—we’re pretty sure you’ll be hooked.—New to the professional triathlete world, Lionel Sanders took a three-year break from his high school running days before returning to the sport, only to sign up for his first triathlon, the Ironman Louisville, just shy of a year later. Inspired by the tri’s winner, Sanders decided to get serious and began a vigorous training regimen, racing his first professional Triathlon in the fall of 2013, where he placed first. Sanders has been addicted to triathlons ever since, and the 2016 Ironman 70.3 Pan American Pro Championship Winner shares his many interesting experiences on his blog; among his most recent posts, he shares his gripping account of a blood and urine sample test that produces a potentially career-ending result. It’s this kind of raw openness that keeps you glued to this triathlon blog—you’ll immediately relate to much of what Sanders shares, and you’ll love his detailed blogs on his struggles with swimming, the part of the sport he whole heartedly admits to as “the elephant in the room”. 

Blogs For the Data and/or Health-Driven Triathlete

http://www.samiinkinen.comIf you’re motivated by data, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone more obsessed with wattage, lactate/anaerobic threshold, correlations, bar charts and such than the self-labeled “Incurable Data Geek” and Trulia Co-Founder Sam Inkinen. When he’s not working for Trulia or as a start-up mentor and venture partner helping launch healthy living companies, this serial entrepreneur is running triathlons, winning Half Ironman world championships, rowing across the Pacific Ocean, and bringing all the fitness data he can possibly compile to a computer/smartphone/tablet near you. You could say he’s the kind of guy you love to hate, but however envious you get, if data gets your heart pitter pattering, you’ll practically drool over yourself as you peruse his stats, which are carefully plotted (of course) in full-color charts. Inkinen is very open to followers’ questions and quite happy to provide a detailed breakdown if needed. Savor his data, improve with his tips, and potentially even get fired up enough to launch your own string of successful companies.—A heart surgeon, professor, and swimbikerun enthusiast, Dr. Larry Creswell enjoys blogging on triathlon sports, specifically in the arena of heart health. Creswell is particularly interested in heart-related injuries and fatalities in endurance athletes, and his posts investigate numerous studies and reports to keep heart safety at the forefront of endurance sports. If you’re ever curious about the safety and heart health aspects of your sport, you’ll find Creswell’s detailed blogs fascinating and perhaps even life saving.—If you’re looking for a triathlon blog focusing on alternative health, Shane Eversfield—a multisport athlete and certified coach— focuses on bringing mindfulness and spirituality to endurance sports, blogging on topics such as “intelligent swimming”, embracing common racing-related fears, and more. If you’re seeking to bring balance and awareness to your sport, you’ll enjoy this Zendurance author’s musings.

Blogs For the Injured or Injury-Proof Triathlete—Athletes Treating Athletes owner Leigh Boyle, a doctor of physical therapy, has not only coached triathlon teams on injury prevention, but she’s also completed over a half-dozen ironman distance races herself. Though she treats athletes right at her clinic in Austin, Texas, her helpful posts provide pictorial exhibits of the anatomy she happens to be focusing, with step-by-step run downs and videos of how to treat common aches and injuries, as well as prevention. Boyle also graciously focuses on stretching and how to prep areas prone to injury (think shins, elbows, lower back, etc), so you stay on the road or in the water rather than staring longingly out the window from your couch.—Human Kinetics Editor and certified athletic trainer Josh Stone has merged his passion for health publication and kinesiology in his in-depth blogs on injury treatments, prevention, stretching, performance and more. Though during the day he helps publish numerous books on fitness and health, coaching, nutrition and beyond, this former university athletic trainer runs a home-based side business where he provides consultations on fitness, performance, and injury, and fortunately for us, shares much of that knowledge in his blog. Read up on proper icing techniques, improving exercise form and detailed stretches for common injuries commonly encountered by endurance athletes.

Running-focused Triathlon Blogs

http://runblogger.comRun by former college anatomy professor Peter Larson, RunBlogger delves into the science of running (think topics like barefoot versus minimalist shoe running and the foot-strike patterns of various footwear) and provides detailed reviews on just about every running shoe you could think of (and then some). Larson invites guest bloggers to opine on shoes, gait analysis labs, heart monitors, and more. Even if you’re not into running science, Larson’s shoe reviews alone are worth the follow.—You could say Welsh blogger and ultra-distance runner Steve Speirs knows a think or two about what it takes to run a race. With a few 100-milers under his belt, Speirs motivates and inspires by providing a fairly in-depth look into his running life, where he recaps his training endeavors, goals and race performances. You’ll also enjoy his thoughtful reviews specific to running gear (think shoes, watches, etc.) and recommendations on products he himself uses. He even has an entire page dedicated to inspirational running quotes. If you’re looking for a real, yet humble runner to follow and inspire after, this running guru and Clever Training Ambassador is one to strongly consider. 

Swim and Bike-Focused Triathlon Blogs—Many, if not most, triathletes of all levels tend to dislike the swimming component of triathlons. Whether they consider themselves inadequate or just plain don’t feel as comfortable in the water as they do in a pair of running shoe or on a bike, a lot of triathletes view swimming as an afterthought or tack-on that just happens to launch each race. Nevertheless, swimming is an integral part of the triathlon sport that’s not going away in the foreseeable future, so why not pick up some tips from competitive swimmers and triathletes who can show you the ropes (as in the ones in the pool), so you can get better and maybe even (gasp) like it? That’s pretty much why TriSwim Coach founder Kevin Koskella started, where he and his talented ambassadors share a lot of tips, techniques and personal stories in blog format. Follow and ye shall improve. 

https://humancyclist.wordpress.comThis London-based roadie lives and breathes cycling, and it’s plain to see in his rich variety of well-crafted blog posts, where, for example,  he ponders the pros of Strava Premium,  explores virtual indoor cycling worlds, features inspiring cyclists, recaps his annual endeavors (be sure to check out the stunning photos he includes of his cycling travels), and more. In just one of his many interesting posts, he experiments with the best time of day to train, while in another he provides a pretty comprehensive list of cycling films and documentaries to binge on. If you get your kicks from your bike, don’t miss this cycling-focused blog.

Triathlon Gear Blogs—If you’re looking for beyond a quick one-minute youtube recap on a product and want to get a bit more of the nitty gritty details, we challenge you to find someone more thorough and hands-on in his reviews than Ray Maker (a.k.a. DC Rainmaker). Maker lays it all out on the table, quite literally, by first un-packaging each product he reviews to show you exactly what comes in the box.  Breaking down the product’s features and actual performance step-by-step from there, this insightful, humble and humorous athlete compares each product to its industry competitors, along with its performance during his own personal trial run. Fans love this triathlete blogger for his meticulous product “investigations” while managing an authentic, easy-to-read voice. Speaking of honesty, Maker is not paid for his reviews, nor does he keep any of the products. We like to think of him as the Sherlock Holmes of the fitness gear industry…we’ll be surprised if you have any questions or doubts about a product after reading his insightful, in-depth reviews.

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