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Count on Elite’s My E-Training Software to Keep You in Shape for Holidays

Count on Elite’s My E-Training Software to Keep You in Shape for Holidays
KJ Hiramoto

As the holiday season kicks into full gear, Clever Training has you covered in helping you or your loved ones reach peak performance.

While many of us begin to look forward to spending time with family and friends, as well as scarfing down all the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, it’s important to not fall too behind in your training plans. And as temperatures continue to drop and roads become slicker, most of us are faced with the task of moving our workouts indoor around this time of the year. With these conditioning nightmares in mind, Elite’s My E-Training is a must-have software for cyclists looking to ride anywhere and anytime.

What is My E-Training?

My E-Training is a new and exciting way to manage Elite’s home trainers and structured training sessions. Easy to set up, all you need is a smartphone, an Elite trainer and the software to cycle across hundreds of virtual courses in the comfort of your home.

When it comes to cycling, Elite is among the sport’s premier brands. This year, the Italian brand made a splash in the cycling community by releasing two interactive trainers believed to be some of the best in the market: Direto II and Drivo II. My E-Training software uses Elite’s interactive trainers, like Direto II and Drivo II, to put together individual workouts, serve as your virtual cycling coach, simulate courses from real maps and analyze the way you pedal.

With My E-Training, you can take your outdoor workouts inside by recording videos and GPS of your rides, saving the data and then transferring them over to the software where you can replicate the outdoor courses in the comfort of your living room.



You can choose your workouts between basic training, training test and map races. With basic training, you can choose from constant power, levels or present programs as your training mode. On map races, you can create tracks from anywhere in the world on the Map option and then simulate them with your home trainer.

Users can also create training programs based on these settings:

  • Level Mode
  • Free Training
  • Power: Time
  • Power: Distance (desktop version only)*
  • Slope: Distance (desktop version only)*
  • Elevation Gain: Distance (desktop version only)*
  • Slope: Time (desktop version only)*

*Available for mobile starting January 19

You also don’t have to ride solo with My E-Training. With the web race option, you can compete against other Elite members from around the world in real time. This mode will be available on January 19.



The My E-Training app manages and shows the power, cadence, heart rate, speed, time and distance data.

Users can save their training data to help them analyze the progress later on. You can also share and export all your training data several different ways to evaluate your performance and improvements. One option you can use to store or export data is through your cloud account, which allows you to share between your other personal devices. You can also export your training data to your Garmin, Strava, Training Peaks and MapMyRide accounts.


You can film, ride, share and download videos on My E-Training’s MyRealVideo feature. One of the coolest features on the software is that you can ride your bike outside and then record your favorite course. After you finish recording, you can go home, upload the video to the Elite server and then download the file from the server to your computer or mobile device.

You can also access thousands of MyRealVideos shared by other Elite members from all over the world.

The MyRealVideos clips also match your speed and resistance levels to create a realistic cycling experience.

Maps Courses

Google Maps lets you create personalized courses from anywhere in the world and match the pedal resistance based on the elevation or incline you would experience on the real course.

Google Maps can be activated while riding and displays the on-screen course and rider’s position. It is also possible to create new routes from your favorite rides and to check for updated course data.

There is also the “Track recording with Maps” option. The training option lets you take your smartphone with you and record the GPS track. After you’re done recording, you’ll be able to simulate the track with your hometrainer, which will come in very handy if it rains or snows outside.

Using Indoor Trainers

Elite Drivo II

My E-Training automatically adjusts the resistance once you pair the app with a compatible indoor trainer. My E-Training is compatible with Smart Bluetooth sensors, ANT+, ANT FE-C, ELITE Misuro Blu and the ELITE Misuro B+ sensors.

As for home trainers and rollers, My E-Training is compatible with Real Turbo Muin, Turbo Muin, Digital, Hydromag, Fluid and Magnetic technology-compatible home trainers and many more. You can check to verify compatibility.

Elite Direto II

For those looking to purchase an indoor trainer, the Elite Drivo II and Elite Direto II are as solid of choices you can make in the market. With a power accuracy of +/- 2 percent, the Direto II produces key metrics that satisfy the needs of athletes seeking peak performance and properly-guided training sessions. The Drivo II yields accuracy ratings of +/- 0.5 percent and is known as one of the fastest responding trainers on the market. The Elite Drivo II is connected directly to the bicycle chain, which accurately transmits the athletes generated power. This model uses innovative pulleys and highly resistant transmission belts, so every pedal effort is evenly transferred to the resistance unit.

Pedaling Analysis

The pedaling analysis is a new feature exclusive to the Drivo II and Direto II software. It monitors the rider’s power output throughout each pedal stroke.

My E-Training users can track the power output variations of each pedal stroke and will better understand the coordinated action of extensors and flexors muscles. These readings translate into improving the user’s performance, as it shows how they can be more efficient with their pedal strokes.

3 Comments on “Count on Elite’s My E-Training Software to Keep You in Shape for Holidays”

  • Rick Parsons
    - Reply

    KJ - I have a Direto trainer and have been using MyRealVideo downloads to make indoor riding more interesting. Can you walk me through what I need to do to record my favorite course with video? I am using an iPhone.
    Thanks in advance,

    • KJ Hiramoto
      - Reply

      Hi Rick!

      To record a favorite video, you'll need to download the My RealVideo app on your iPhone:

      The app will allow you to record video of the ride with GPS data. Once loaded on the Elite server it will be available for the free download on My E-Training.

      Hope that helped.

  • Ian Phythian
    - Reply

    Hi, I am thinking of investing in "elite" as my go to training hardware and software. I am interested to log video for my training sessions. On the sorftware side 1. can i upload GoPro HD footage for longer rides with gps (later go pro models) ? OR 2. add gps with video manually ? This is a really powefull tool to combine known roads / tracks with gps (manually or auto generated) into the video. regards Ian (UK)



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