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Garmin Launches New Heart Rate Monitor Strap

Garmin Launches New Heart Rate Monitor Strap
KJ Hiramoto

Collecting heart rate data is all the rage in today’s fitness. Professional soccer players across Europe are often seen wearing heart rate monitor straps on their chests during practice and you’ve probably seen gym members wear matching wristbands at popular fitness center chains. In addition to those gadgets, there is a countless number of iOS and Droid apps that keep track of your heart rate.

On Wednesday, Garmin launched a premier heart rate monitor strap to make a splash of their own in the heart rate tracker craze. With the HRM-Dual, you’ll be able to receive accurate heart rate on your Garmin device, in online training apps and compatible fitness equipment in real time. Weighing only about 1.9 ounce, this premium heart rate monitor strap won’t slow you down or make you feel uncomfortable during a bike ride or a run.

While the heart rate is considered by many coaches and athletes as one of the more important data in fitness, there are those who believe owning wrist-worn trackers or smartwatches is enough to gather the data. While it’s true that both types of heart rate monitors may get the job done, a study by the American College of Cardiology found that chest straps provide more accurate data than the wrist-worn heart rate monitors.

With that being said, premier heart rate monitor straps like the Garmin HRM-Dual is important to have around if you are looking to get the most accurate and reliable data.

Dual Transmission

You can train indoors, outdoors or even online with the HRM-Dual. The heart rate monitor strap transmits heart rate data in real time over ANT+ connectivity and Bluetooth wireless technology to communicate with Garmin devices, bike computers or online training apps.

In addition to the heart rate monitor strap being accurate and compatible with other devices, the HRM-Dual carries a long-lasting battery life, as you won’t have to worry about changing the battery for up to 3.5 years.

Regardless of how you’d like to train, the HRM-Dual will give you accurate, real-time heart rate data you need to take your performance to another level.


The biggest concern most athletes have when it comes to putting on an accessory is whether the accessory will distract them during competition or workouts. The soft strap on the HRM-Dual is comfortable to wear during your workouts, as the strap is adjustable. In addition to being comfortable, the strap won’t have to smell bad over time, as it is washable. Just remember to take off the heart rate module before throwing the strap in the washing machine.

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The Garmin Forerunner 645 GPS watch is perfect to pair with the HRM-Dual. The smartwatch, which is compatible with the heart rate monitor strap, does it all: from apps on advanced running dynamics to tracking your heart rate 24/7 and monitoring your stress levels. With the HRM-Dual, your heart rate data will be as accurate and reliable as it can get with the Forerunner 645 GPS watch.



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