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GoPro HERO7 vs. GoPro HERO6: What's New & What's Improved

GoPro HERO7 vs. GoPro HERO6: What's New & What's Improved
KJ Hiramoto

GoPro is kicking off fall with the launch of its HERO7 model, as the new Black variant promises its users the smoothest shooting experience yet.

For those not familiar with the GoPro, these tiny cameras made a name for themselves with its ability to capture any action on the go. Whether it’s to capture a skydive or to shoot a rock climb, the GoPro is a must-have for those looking to document their indoor or outdoor adventures.

However, many of you may already own the previous GoPro models, like HERO5 or HERO6. Before you consider upgrading to HERO7 ($399 for Black), you may need to glance through this preview.

What made HERO6 great

When GoPro launched HERO6 in fall 2017, it boasted four notable features that the previous models didn’t have. The first difference was the fact that HERO6 boasted 4K60, 1080p240, and 60 frames per second (fps), whereas HERO5 maxed out at 4k resolution, 1080p and 30 fps. While the difference appears subtle, HERO6 gave users a much smoother shooting experience, particularly for slow-motion videos. In addition, the installation of the GP1 processor added stability and improved quality of each footage. With the improved stability, HERO6 users were given the ability to take fluid videos during high-stress situations, such as a bumpy bike ride or when the camera is being pitted on a surfboard. Furthermore, HERO6 Black came with a 5GHz wi-fi network, giving users the ability to transfer videos and photos to your phone three times faster than HERO5 Black did.

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What’s new in HERO7

“Without the gimbal”

The most notable feature from HERO7 Black is the improved video stabilization. GoPro says the new model provides”gimbal-like stabilization--without the gimbal.” HERO7 Black is built to predict your movements and correct any camera shake to make a smooth video. This feature is only available on HERO7 Black and not on Silver and White models.

Live streaming

The new GoPro model appears to cater to the younger users with this new feature exclusive to the Black variant. HERO7 Black boasts the ability to let users live stream the footage on Facebook Live. These streamed videos can be saved to the SD card in high resolution, according to GoPro. 

Vertical shots

HERO7 (Black, Silver and White) allows users to take photos and capture videos in portrait orientation. Again, the folks at GoPro are seeing what the younger users want: the ability to share the perfect post on social media, where most Instagram stories and Snapchats are shared in portrait orientation. This feature is also available on HERO7 Silver and White.

The alternate options

While HERO7 Silver and White doesn't have the same level of video stability and Facebook Live features like the Black variant, they are much more affordable ($299 for Silver and $199 for White).

HERO7 Silver captures 4K30 videos, making it a slight upgrade over HERO6 Black. It captures 10 MP still photos as opposed to HERO7 Black's 12 MP. As for HERO7 White, it maxes out at 1080p60 for videos and captures 10 MP still images.


Like the Black version ($399), HERO7 Silver also offers Wi-Fi and GPS connectivity.

All three versions of HERO7 are waterproof to 33 feet. They also offer a voice-control feature so you can make voice commands like "GoPro, take a photo” or “GoPro, start recording.”




The Bottom Line

When it comes to documenting your adventures, you’d never want to bring your smartphone for scuba diving and it’s also a terrible idea to carry a selfie stick while riding a bike. But thanks to HERO7, you can document your adventures in an image quality comparable to, if not better, than the leading smartphone.

HERO7’s ability to capture videos with improved stability is an absolute game changer for those looking to be active without a gimbal. Overall, HERO7 is perfect for those looking to share their adventures on social media and the smooth shots make this model a worthwhile investment.

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