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Theragun's G3PRO Release is the Latest in the Percussion Massage Machine Movement

Theragun's G3PRO Release is the Latest in the Percussion Massage Machine Movement
KJ Hiramoto

The percussion massage machine has become all the rage in sports. If you look toward one of the sidelines during an NBA game, you’ll see one of the basketball players using a handheld massage device to relieve soreness on the spot.

Theragun is one of the companies at the front and center of the percussion massage machine movement. Theragun recently launched the G3PRO, a handheld device designed to manage the athlete’s soreness, help them with their recovery and provide total pain relief.

The Theragun G3PRO is like having a sports massage therapist with you 24-7. Weighing less than three pounds, the percussion massage machine is light and portable. The G3PRO carries a battery life of about 75 minutes per battery so you’ll be able to enjoy up to half a dozen 15-minute massage sessions before having to recharge.


Percussion Massage Machine Benefits

Theragun places a heavy emphasis on three benefits of having a G3PRO: pain, fitness and wellness. For fitness benefits, it only takes 15 minutes of using the G3PRO for total body recovery, according to Theragun. With device’s rotating arm and ergonomic hand design, you can reach up to 90 percent of the body for a full body recovery. The G3PRO prevents and breaks up adhesions and improves muscle coordination and mobility to prevent injury.

As for wellness, the G3PRO provides natural and pill-free pain relief. It relieves muscle spasms and replenishes energy through more hydrated muscles. Theragun said you’ll be able to have better sleep with consistent use of G3PRO as it promotes better posture and body awareness.

With pain relief, the G3PRO features 2,400 RPMs and releases knots and can withstand up to 60 pounds of pressure. The G3PRO has a 16 mm amplitude and a two-speed functionality to ensure that it can take on any body part and pain threshold.

The G3PRO comes with a travel case with two lithium-ion batteries, an attachment pouch with lithium-ion battery charger, a dampener for tender areas or near bones, a large ball for large muscle groups, standard ball for overall use, wedge (for scraping, shoulder blades or IT bands), thumb and a cone. It also comes with a proprietary gearbox that has been newly designed to muffle the G3PRO’s motor, reducing the device’s sound by about 50 percent.

The Theragun G3PRO has an adjustable arm for the full-body reach, meaning you’ll be able to massage nearly every part of your body with the percussion massage machine.

Theragun published a list of instructions for massaging each body parts on their website. Those looking to massage their muscles using the percussion massage machine can click here for more information.



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