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Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch


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Fitbit Blaze GPS Fitness Watch

Activity trackers and multi-fitness units, watch out. The Fitbit Blaze is all about training, 24-7 health, and 360-degree convenience in one, simple-to-use watch. Blaze is paying attention each time you take the stairs, the longer way back to your office, and those lunchtime strolls you’ve been trying to get better about squeezing in, capturing your heart rate right at your wrist as you move along. If any daily activity happens to transition to a run or more aerobic-style activity, Fitbit is happy to oblige, automatically transitioning into fitness mode and using its GPS tracking to give you real time stats as you run, ride, or sweat away during a cardio gym class. Plus, if you’re always streaming & listening to music from your phone, you’ll love the music control feature that let’s you quickly turn it UP without messing with your phone.


  • The convenient and comfortable wrist-based PUREPULSE provides a continuous, accurate heart rate, helping you to stay in your optimal training zone and track your resting heart rate over time.
  • Not just for runners, the Blaze is a multisport tracking watch, capturing every moment you’re on the bike, at a cardio class, or out for a morning run. Challenge yourself with the FitStar workouts, which add variety and the feel of a personal coach each time you train.
  • Music is a huge motivator during exercise—if and when we aren’t constantly pausing to change the volume or song. Fitbit designed Blaze so that there’s no more messing with your phone to switch or turn up your music. Do it right from your watch with one touch.
  • Thanks to the Connected GPS, you’ll get real-time stats like distance and pace as you map your run or ride.
  • Know your steps, distance, calories, sleeping stats and even floors climbed throughout the day, regardless of whether you’re training. Every step counts, and Fitbit Blaze is keeping track!
  • If you’re like most people, not having your phone out during your workout can leaving you feeling powerless—what if the school calls, your boss needs a figure, or your dad is on his way to the hospital? Fitbit understand that your workout time is YOUR time, so Blaze automatically alerts you of incoming calls, texts, and calendar notifications, giving you more peace of mind during your workout (without having to pull out your phone every second). Not into communication during fitness? No sweat…just choose the Do Not Disturb mode.
  • When you do transition into more physical activity than normal, the SmartTrack feature automatically records select exercises you’re performing, keeping track in the handy Fitbit app, allowing you to view your progress at a more convenient time.
  • Engineered to be hassle-free, Blaze syncs your stats wirelessy to over 200 devices, plus your computer.
  • Everything else is personalized…so why shouldn’t your fitness watch be? Customize the hi-res, color touchscreen with one of many spiffy clock faces available and even choose from one of the several interchangeable bands to make Blaze truly your own.
  • Get some healthy competition going by sharing your stats with friends or compete with them via the leaderboard or in Fitbit Challenges.

Size Guide:

  • Small 5.5"–6.7" 140 mm–170 mm
  • Large 6.7"–8.1" 170 mm–206 mm
  • X Large 8.1"–9.3" 206 mm–236 mm

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  • Fitbit Blaze
  • Charging Cable
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