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Garmin Vector 2S Pedal Set


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Garmin Vector 2S Pedal Set

Looking to gauge your cycling power and training intensity on any given day? Look no further than the Garmin Vector 2S to track your performance with ease and precision. This single side sensing power meter is both innovative and effective: changing both how cyclists get power and how it is measured. The Vector 2S measures the force applied to the left pedal and gauges the deflection of the pedal spindle to calculate your total power. Ride with power. Ride with knowledge. Ride with Garmin Vector 2S.


  • Measures the metrics that matter including cadence, power, left/right balance
  • Upgrade to the Vector 2 for cycling dynamics for metrics such as power phase, platform center offset and seated/standing position on compatible devices
  • Easy installation! Simply stall the pedal and add the pod, no washers necessary and easily transfers from bike to bike
  • New status LED to display important setup and maintenance information
  • Easy to upgrade your old Vector S to the new Vector 2S without buying a whole new system
  • Compatible with most crank types, including carbon. Compatible with crank arms up to 44mm wide
  • Using Garmin Connect you can analyze your post ride stats with ease to get the most from your ride
  • Comes in two sizes: Standard: 12-15 mm and Large: 15-18 mm
  • Battery life of over 175 hour of active cycling

What's in the Box:

  • Vector 2S pedal and pedal pods(1)
  • Right non-sensing pedal
  • Cleats and hardware
  • USB ANT Stick
  • Manuals
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Product Manual

Garmin Vector 2-2S Pedal Set Manual