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Garmin Vector 3/3S Pedal-Based Power Meters

$599.99 - 999.99

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Garmin Vector 3/3S Pedal-Based Power Meters

Why gauge your cycling intensity in any other place other than the true origin? Get reliable power readings right at the source—The sleek new Vector 3 and 3s direct-measurement power meters feature built-in sensors engineered right at the pedal, giving you unequivocal accuracy each and every ride, with easy bike-to-bike installation and a brand-new podless design for more refined ergonomics.


  • A smooth, podless design translates to improved cornering clearance and stack heights.
  • Effortlessly install Vector 3 and 3S just as you would any other pedal, with the hassle-free podless design that makes bike-to-bike transfer a cinch.
  • Know all of your performance metrics, including total power, leg-right balance, cadence and advanced cycling dynamics* so you’re accurately monitoring every key measurement of output with each turn of the pedals.
  • Ride for an hour every day for over four months without the need to charge Vector 3 or 3S; the 120-hour battery life assures you’ll never go without power—or the ability to measure it.
  • Integrate Vector 3/3S with Garmin’s entire ecosystem of cycling watches, computers and phones.
  • The Vector 3 provides valuable feedback from both pedals; the 3s provides data from only the left pedal. It can be upgraded later with a right pedal power meter.


  • +/- 1.0%
  • 316g (3) | 324g (3S)
  • 120 hours of battery life
  • LR44/SR44 (x4)
  • ANT+/BLE Communication
  • Keo Cleat type
  • 53 or 55 Q factor
  • 11.5mm stack height
  • 31.7 degree cornering clearance

Frequently Asked Questions

The Vector 3 gives you feedback from both pedal while the Vector 3S provides data from only one. Receiving information from both pedals more accurately indicates how you use each side of your body to power the bike. Having information from both the left and right side can help correct inconsistences for those who experience a power imbalance between their left and right legs.

A new pedal design that features a sleek, podless design for improved cornering clearance and stack height for smarter ergonomics. Pedals install like any other and easily transfer from one bike to another without bike shop assistance. With Vector 3, you can now communicate with Garmin Connect™ Mobile via Bluetooth for easy software updates and data syncing.

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