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ISHOF SaferSwimmer TPU Safety Swimming Bouy With Dry Bag Storage

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ISHOF SaferSwimmer TPU Safety Swimming Bouy With Dry Bag Storage

You can’t put a price on safety; swim smarter and safer with the SaferSwimmer TPU Safety Swimming Bouy With Dry Bag Storage. TPU is a high-performance polyester fabric used to make inflatable boats and whitewater rafts. Specifically designed as a safety aide for open water swimmers, triathletes, adventures and travelers, this "original" open-water buoy will keep you safe and your personal belongings dry without hindering your performance or stroke. The SafeSwimmer Bouy is both useful and functional—an absolute must-have safety tool for all open water swimmers. If an emergency occurs while you’re in the water, this device will keep you afloat and act as an identifier to potential rescuers. The SafeSwimmer has the potential to save your life or the lives of loved ones. Developed by the International Swimming Hall of Fame in 2010; part of the proceeds from each sale go to the organization.


  • Makes you visible to boaters and potential human hazards
  • Provides flotation if you’re tired or injured
  • Can be used to rescue fellow swimmers
  • Holds your things and keeps them dry during your swim

How to use:

Put your belongings inside the dry bag. Wrap it up to make a water tight seal (fold over 4 times), inflate it by blowing into the valve, twist the valve cap to close, clip it around your waist and swim. If you get tired, just grab the float, lay on your back, keep it pressed to your chest and relax.

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