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Polar A300 Fitness and Activity Monitor with HRM


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Polar A300 Fitness and Activity Monitor with Heart Rate Monitor

Find the right balance between activity, training, sleep and rest with the Polar A300 Fitness Watch and HRM. Make every step count, from your work outs to your routine activity throughout the day. Designed to match your style and mood, the waterproof A300 features easy-to-change silicone wristbands. Stay stylish and in shape with the Polar A300.


  • Tracks and records your daily metrics, steps taken, calories burned and distance traveled
  • Alerts you after prolonged inactivity so you can get up a move
  • Durable, silicone wristbands that are easily interchanged to fit your mood
  • Provides you a daily activity goal and guides you in order to help you reach it
  • Activity feedback for your daily, weekly and monthly activity
  • Tracks the amount of sleep you get and the quality of that sleep
  • Connects to Polar Flow web service and app to see and learn from your sleep and activity
  • When paired with the H7 heart rate monitor, measures your heart beat and if your are improving fitness or burning calories
  • Easy to charge with USB and plug

Technical Specs:

  • Weight: 48g
  • Thickness:12,7 mm
  • Water resistant (30 m)
  • Rechargeable battery, Battery life up to 4 weeks
  • Memory capacity up to 60 days (with daily activity tracking and 1 hour of daily training)


  • Easy wireless sync via Polar Flow app with Bluetooth Smart
  • Custom USB connector for charging and data sync with PC or Mac via Polar FlowSync
  • Polar Flow web service compatibility with Mac OS X 10.6 or later and PC Windows XP, 7, 8
  • Updatable software
  • UI languages in Polar Flow: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, German, Italian, Finnish, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese

What’s in the Box:

  • A300 watch
  • USB charging/sync cable
  • Heart rate sensor

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do I need a heart rate strap with the A300?
  • If you want to see your heart rate during your workout and make sure you’re training in the right heart rate zone, then yes. You don’t need the strap to track everyday activity like steps taken, calories burned, or your sleep. Note that wearing a compatible heart rate strap during your workouts will give you a more accurate number in terms of calories burned.

  • Will I get notification when the battery is low?
  • Yes, the A300 will alert you, and then you just simply recharge it using the included recharging cable. You’ll only need to recharge it approximately once a month.

  • When do I actually need to wear the heart rate strap?
  • Just during your workout, so you can track your heart rate, make sure you’re training in the best zone, take advantage of the many Training Benefit features like aerobic fitness monitoring, and get the most accurate number for calories burned.

  • Can I wear this in the water?
  • Yes – it was actually designed so you can swim with it on and track your activity. To get your heart rate while swimming, pair it with the Polar H7 strap.

  • Does this watch have smartphone notifications?
  • No. If that’s feature is important to you, we recommend checking out the A360.

  • Where do I see my calories burned?
  • This number will reflect in your workout summary and in the activity menu display.

  • How accurate is the calories burned number?
  • OwnCal is the most accurate calorie counter on the market, using an algorithm based on your weight, height, age, gender, your individual maximum heart rate (HRmax) and how intensely you’re exercising.

  • Does it only track calories burned during my workout?
  • The A300 actually tracks the calories you’re burning throughout the entire day, using your basil metabolic rate (the calories your body needs to function without any movement), plus calories burned through your daily activity and any workouts you complete.

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