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Redshift Sports Switch Aero Bicycle System - Carbon

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RedShift Sports Switch Aero Bicycle System – Carbon

No need for multiple bikes, effortlessly transform your road bike and switch up your position as you ride.


  • Quick-Release Aerobars and Dual-Position Seatpost allow you the same efficiency and speed of a true aero position, without losing the comfort and agile handling of your normal road setup.
  • Easy to attach and remove in just seconds without the use of any tools. The patent-pending quick-release dovetail clamp locks the aerobars securely in the same position every time.
  • Adapt on the fly with the dual-position seat post, allowing you to climb in comfort in your road position and go hard on the flats in aero position.
  • Customize the aerobars for comfort; easily change stack height, pad width and extension reach as well as change between multiple extension shapes to match your riding style.
  • With its forward position, the seatpost replicates the steeper seat tube angle of a tri bike to open your hip and ride more comfortably in the aero position
  • The linkage design maintains constant saddle-to-pedal distance in both positions, ensuring proper leg extension in road and aero. The aero position also allows you to dial up in 5 degrees of additional forward tilt
  • The integrated accessories (optional computer mount and water bottle mount) link seamlessly on to the aerobars, letting you carry all of your gear effortlessly.

Dual Position Seatpost


400 g - 27.2 mm x 350 mm

Seatpost Diameter (A)

27.2 mm

Seatpost Length (B)

350 mm (bottom to clamp centerline)

Minimum Insertion (C)

75 mm

Rearward Offset
Road Position (D)

16 mm
(post centerline to clamp centerline)

Forward Offset
Aero Position (E)

34 mm
(post centerline to clamp centerline)

Total Travel
Road to Aero Position

50 mm
(3-4 degrees effective seat tube angle change)

Saddle Rail Compatibility

Standard 7 mm round saddle rails only


Post & linkages 6061-T6 aluminum
Saddle clamps 7075-T6 aluminum

Quick Release Aerobars


564 g/pr S-bend carbon extensions with no stack spacers
570 g/pr L-bend carbon extensions with no stack spacers
118 g/pr S-Bend Carbon Extensions Only
124 g/pr L-Bend Carbon Extensions Only

Pad Height (A)

Minimum - 75 mm
Maximum - 98 mm (with two included stack spacers)

Pad Setback (B)

Minimum - 30 mm
Maximum - 81 mm

Pad Width (C)

Minimum - 108 mm
Maximum - 165 mm

Extension Length (D)

362 mm S-bend
368 mm L-bend

Extension Rise (E)

50 mm S-bend
100 mm L-bend

Extension Diameter (F)

22.2 mm (compatible with industry-standard extensions)

Handlebar Clamp Width (G)

22 mm

Handlebar Diameter

31.8 mm compatible
26.0 mm compatible (using included shims)


Clamps - 6061-T6 aluminum
Extensions - 3K Carbon Fiber

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