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STAC Zero Base Cycling Trainer

$349.00 - 479.00

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**Some wheels include a steel component or have a wire-beaded tire which is incompatible with the STAC Zero. See FAQ Section for more details**

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STAC Zero Cycling Trainer

Experience the convenience, power and portability of the quietest trainer on the market with the STAC Zero Trainer. Its no-contact resistance mechanism results in Zero noise and Zero tire wear. Save on trainer tires and avoid noise complaints from family and neighbors with the trainer that lets you train whenever, wherever! The upgraded STAC Zero Powermeter allows you to connect with popular training software like Zwift, TrainerRoad and Sufferfest and compatible devices like Garmin smartwatches. Already have a power meter on your bike? No worries - the STAC Zero comes in a base model so you can still enjoy this quiet ride.


  • Folds up easy for convenient travel and storage
  • Compatible with any wheel with a welded alloy structure and size between 25.5" - 29" (650mm-736mm)
  • No-contact resistance mechanism results in Zero noise and Zero tire wear


  • Wheel compatibility - any wheel with a welded alloy structure
  • Direct drive using your own wheel and cassette
  • Wheel size compatibility - 25.5"-29" (650mm-736mm)
  • Comfortable-resistance wattage - 600W @ 63km/h, 300W @ 45km/w
  • High-resistance wattage - 1200W @ 61km/h, 600W @ 43km/h
  • Maximum resistance - 2000W (may vary depending on wheel structure and magnet placement)
  • Trainer type - Direct drive using your own wheel and cassette
  • Flywheel - 2.3kg in-wheel bar weight
  • Dimensions set up -32"W x 25"L x 16"H
  • Dimensions when folded - 19"W x 21"L x 2.5"H
  • Weight - 15lb (trainer) plus 5 lbs (bar weight to create in-wheel flywheel)
  • Skewer - Includes trainer skewer compatible with most typical road bikes (150mm)
  • Noise level - Only as loud as your drivetrain
  • Powermeter ride time* - 100+ hours
  • Powermeter standby time* - 2 years
  • Powermeter protocols*- ANT+ PM, Bluetooth Smart with wattage and cadence
  • Powermeter app compatibility* - Zwift, Trainerroad, Kinomap, Sufferfest, and any other app that uses ANT+ or Bluetooth smart
  • Powermeter headunit/smartwatch compatibility* - Any device that supports ANT+ PM or Bluetooth Smart Powermeter protocols
  • Powermeter firmware* - Over the air (OTA) updates via any Android phone
*Only applies to Powermeter model

Frequently Asked Questions

Some tires include steel in their construction, usually in the bead. This can lightly attract the Zero's magnets the whole way around the rim, and can occasionally make it annoying to set the magnet distances, since if the magnets get too close, they will try to jump all the way to the rim. In our experience, they're typically included as the OEM tire on many road or hybrid bikes. PRO Tip: Run a magnet all the way around the rim of your tire. If it is lightly attracted the entire way around, you most likely have a steel-beaded tire

In other cases, wheels can include steel pins leftover from the manufacturing process. These can cary in their size, but typically make the wheel incompatible because of the amount of attraction the magnets feel to the big chunk of steel. When riding, the magnet arrays will tend to pulse each time the steel pin goes by, and may change their position annoyingly. PRO Tip: If you run a magnet around the rim and it is strongly attracted at one point (usually opposite the filler nozzle), then you have a steel pin.

Many wheels are compatible with STAC Zero. We suggest looking for the rim to be “welded” in its spec sheet. This indicates that the manufacturer joined the aluminum wheel structure together by welding rather than using a steel pin. Here are some of the wheels that are known to work:

  • Shimano RS11
  • Shimano R500/R501
  • Alexrims R390
  • Alexrims DA22
  • Bontrager RACE
  • Bontrager RL
  • Easton EA90
  • Fulcrum Racing 7
  • GIant P-R2
  • Mavic Aksium
  • Mavic Ksyrium
  • Mavic Open Pro
  • Mavic Open Sport
  • Mavic Cosmic Elite S
  • FLO 60 with alloy brake track
  • FLO 90 with alloy brake track
  • FLO Disc with alloy brake track
  • Kinlin XR22T (Mountain Bike Wheel)

Not compatible wheels:

  • Mavic CXP22
  • Bontrager 750
  • Alex SX-44
  • WTB i19 SpeedDisc
  • Giant S-R2
  • Maddux 2.0
  • Weinmann 519

The Zero uniquely lets you use your MTB or CX bike without having to remove your knobbly tires and entire wheels! The only thing to check for is your wheel compatibility. If your wheel rims near the spokes are NOT carbon. (generally if they're not magnetic and are metallic, they're aluminum) OR you don't have magnetic wheels – please see our first FAQ for more details.

Yes, many people have successfully used the trainer with disc brakes. If your rim is still metallic (and not magnetic), there is still enough resistance generated by the aluminum structure of the rim that's there to make for a good workout.

Q & A