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Suunto 3 Fitness Watch

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Suunto 3 Fitness Watch

If you’re adding extra weight to your day, it should be on the end of your barbell or in the form of a faster mile or higher-intensity workout —but certainly not from fitness watch that feels obstructive and clunky. The new Suunto 3 Fitness, designed from minimalist approach with the lightest of intentions, won’t weigh you down as it propels you to reach new heights. A fitness coach meets health advisor, Suunto 3 Fitness gives you a 7-day workout plan, along with guided intensity-zone-based training, determined via your current fitness level. Additionally, you get 24/7 activity tracking and smartphone notifications on a sleek watch you can wear comfortably throughout the day and any on any occasion.


  • Not sure whether you’re doing too much or too little? Suunto 3 Fitness gives you a 7-day training plan, complete with recommended duration and intensity levels based on your current fitness level, so you’re continuously improving without either 1) underperforming or 2) overdoing things and increasing susceptibility to injury
  • The tough-as-nails stainless steel bezel acts as the first line of defense against everyday use, positioned just above the lens to prevent scratching while giving the watch face a polished, sophisticated appeal
  • The sturdy watch case is made from a hard glass fiber composite, designed to further fend off scratches while feeling featherlight, with ergonomically designed shapes on the back of the watch that feel smooth against your skin
  • Set daily activity goals, along with a sleep target, and track your progress via steps, calories and sleep quality
  • See your game plan for the day with a daily reminder of your exercise goal(s), keeping you informed, pumped and accountable for the workout ahead, along with Training Insights which let you see your fitness goals for the entire week
  • Features over 70 sports modes, with ready-to-go Running, Swimming, Hiking, Gym, Cycling and Other
  • Follow the recommended exercise plan for the day, including a proposed intensity level and guidance for reaching it, or go rogue at skip the daily plan and opt for your own instead
  • Stay within the right intensity zone suited for your goals and daily exercise plan, with cues that help you maintain your optimal intensity threshold, alerting you whether you’re going too fast or too slow
  • Use the Moments feature, a bar graph that helps you to decide whether or not you’re equipped with the right resources, such as enough hours of sleep, to proceed with your’ll know whether you’ve had enough recovery moments or too many moments of stress to proceed
  • A large sports mode display lets you prioritize the most important data, so the numbers you want to see are front, center, large and easy-reading, while figures like the current time and duration of exercise still stay visible in the background
  • Get your speed and distance based on cadence after calibrating your watch either manually or via mobile-assisted GPS syncing
  • Pair your Suunto 3 Fitness to the Suunto app on your smartphone for mobile GPS assistance, complete with directional arrows and the ability to view your completed course back in the app post-workout
  • Discover your VO2 max value (a.k.a. Your maximum oxygen consumption) right on your watch after walking or running for 20 minutes or more, and see it again in your post-workout summary, with arrows that show whether this vital measure of fitness capacity is improving or worsening
  • The 30-meter water resistance allows for swimming
  • The new Suunto app lets you see all of your activity at a glance, plus share small victories from your workouts, including photo-accompanied stats, with the Suunto community


  • Weight - 36g
  • Bezel material - Stainless steel
  • Glass material - Polyamide
  • Case material - Glass fibre reinforced polyamide
  • Strap material - Silicone

Frequently Asked Questions

No, but you are able to use the GPS built-in to your phone paired with the Suunto app.

Yes, the Suunto 3 Fitness cna be paired with either iPhone or Android using the Suunto app.

If connected GPS is not used, your watch measures speed and distance using the built-in accelerometer, a motion-sensor which detects movement from your wrist. To make measurements as precise as possible, the accelerometer needs to be calibrated, because wrist movement and stride length varies from person to person.

Your watch uses two different aspects to track sleep:

  1. Sleep duration is measured via an accelerometer, a motion-sensor which detects movement from your wrist. Based on your bedtime and your movements within that timeframe, the watch detects if you are sleeping. Your bedtime consists of two values – the earliest time you usually go to sleep and the latest time you usually wake up.
  2. Sleep quality is an estimation of how well your body was able to regenerate and restore itself while sleeping. This estimation is based on duration of your sleep and analysis of your heart rate while sleeping.

The initial 7-day training plan which you see after completing the setup of your Suunto 3 Fitness is based on your personal profile (gender, age, height, weight, max HR). The initial plan will be general and does not reflect your current fitness level. To personalize your adaptive training guidance, start recording exercises. Your watch needs this data to estimate your fitness level.
Your training plan adapts to your personal needs based on the fitness level estimation and the frequency (and intensity) of your exercise – no matter if you decide to follow the suggested workouts by your training plan or record other / additional workouts. All recorded exercise will be taken into consideration.

Your watch tracks your activity throughout the day using the built-in accelerometer. Based on your wrist motion, the watch estimates your amount of activity as steps.
Some wrist movements may be interpreted as steps even if you are not walking. It is important to remember that the step count is an indicator of your overall activity. Any movement contributes to your activity.
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We recommend checking every 2-3 weeks, as we’re constantly working on improving our software.

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