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Velocomp Powerpod Power Meter

$199.00 - 325.00

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Velocomp Powerpod Power Meter

Simple, Portable, Accurate, Affordable!


  • PowerPod works with any crank, chain rings (round or elliptical), wheels, pedals, and bottom bracket
  • PowerPod works with road, mountain, TT, cross bikes, fat bikes, and specialty bikes such as recumbents
  • Moves between bikes in less than 60 seconds—no tools needed
  • PowerPod automatically figures out which bike you're riding, and adjusts its internal settings accordingly
  • Installs in 5 minutes: attach PowerPod to your handlebars, pair it with your bike computer and speed sensor, then ride
  • No part swapping, no water bags, no torque wrenches, no 24-hour gluing times, no sending bike parts to a factory for modification
  • PowerPod accuracy is superior to “one-leg” pedal/crank power meters
  • PowerPod accurately measures both legs’ effort, at a fraction of the price of traditional both-leg power meters
  • Powerpod ANT+ works with any ANT+ bike computer
  • Powerpod Dual ANT/BLE works with any ANT+ or BLE bike computer
  • PowerPod upgrades include PowerStroke left/right, front/back, side/side pedaling efficiency, GPS map overlay, and aerodynamic drag (CdA)
  • PowerHouse Bike app* for iOS/Android includes power-training programs, live feedback & more; see our blog for details
  • Free Isaac software for PC/Mac allows direct download of PowerPod ride data including power, wind speed, bike speed, cadence, elevation, hill slope, CdA, and more
  • Patented PowerPod technology has been proven over hundreds of thousands of miles of real-world cycling, and refined through 14 years of innovation
  • One Year Warranty

PowerHouse Bike App*

  • Available for iOS and Android smartphones
  • Provides goal-oriented, personalized power training plans, 4-6 weeks in length, designed by coach Hunter Allen (includes real-time feedback during workouts)
*Requires PowerPod Dual ANT/BLE

What's in the Box:

  • PowerPod sensor
  • Machined aluminum, GoPro-style mount for 31.8mm Handlebars (Combo Garmin/PowerPod mount or TT mount sold separately)
  • USB charging cable
  • Isaac software for Mac/PC
  • PowerHouse power-training app for iOS/Android (requires PowerPod ANT/BLE)
  • Installation instructions
  • One year warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Sport Scientists, Cyclists, and Coaches use Power Meters to measure and improve cycling performance. For training sessions, power meters enable you to measure your output using a metric (wattage) that is consistent regardless of course conditions. Over time, you can track performance on training and interval programs based on these metrics. For races, setting a target wattage zone will enable you to optimize your body’s output throughout the duration of a race. No longer will you have to guess how hard you should be pedaling if you face an adverse hill or headwind, your power meter will give you the precise information you need to best the competition.

  • Easy Set up – PowerPod has only one button and an LED Status Light making set up and syncing to your ANT+ device clear and uncomplicated. The setup time from box to riding usually takes about 5 minutes total.
  • Low Price Point
  • Measures Power from both legs by using Velocomp’s patented technology that measures Acceleration, Wind Resistance, Elevation, and Friction to give accurate power output reading.
  • PowerPod works with any crank, any pedals, and any hubs.
  • PowerPod moves effortlessly from bike to bike.

PowerPod is compatible with all ANT+ bike computers that display power, including the Garmin Edge series, Garmin 920XT, and more. If you don’t have an ANT+ bike computer, PowerPod's internal memory stores your ride information for later download, using free Isaac software included.

Yes, the Powerpod has a Trainer Mode and is compatible with over 100 types of trainers and rollers.

Function/Feature PowerPod Lite PowerPod PowerPod ANT+/BLE PowerPod ANT+IBLE W/ Powerstroke AeroPod
Price $199 $299 $325 $399 $499
+/- 2% accuracy x x x x x
left and right leg power x x x x x
ANT+ compatible x x x x x
Fast Setup x x x x x
bike profiles stored 1 4 4 4 4
full ride file recording x x x x
Isaac software analysis x x x x
BLE compatible OPTIONAL x x x
Optional PowerStroke upgrade OPTIONAL OPTIONAL x x
CdA analysis x
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